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Automations For E-commerce Growth

TRUDA is a solution for online stores that offers labeling, feed management, and smart product segmentation. Using TRUDA, online stores can efficiently promote their performance marketing campaigns based on internal data, resulting in increased revenue and reduced advertising costs. The solution connects via API to advertising and analysis accounts, so there’s no need for a custom implementation that requires time.

TRUDA results after 30-60 days:

  • An increase in the conversion rate by up to 33% 
  • A reduction in advertising costs by at least 20% 
  • An increase in ROI for campaigns by up to 30%



SEO Optimization

SEO is one of the best online marketing channels. The solid strategy behind the actions drives the success of the SEO campaign.

PPC Campaigns

We show targeted ads to your customers exactly when they search on Google or Facebook for your products or services.

Data & Analytics

Reporting translates raw data into clear conclusions. The analysis turns data and information into statistics and actions for performance improvement.


We use Machine Learning technologies for real-time automation of Google Shopping and Facebook Ads campaigns.

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We are an online marketing agency with over 10 years of experience, an agency that manages to increase the profit of its clients through the implementation of successful strategies across all digital marketing channels, helping every entrepreneur who uses our services to achieve (and even surpass!) their business targets. 

Just like you, we know that the online sales process can often be challenging, so we have ensured that our digital marketing specialists are equipped with patience and passion to bring you the results you desire. You can trust that your business will be in good hands and that we will strive for a successful collaboration from all perspectives!

Let’s grow healthily in a friendly environment at a digital marketing agency that will bring you limitless results! 

Our online marketing agency has managed to specialize over the years in a variety of activities specific to the field – from SEO to PPC and everything in between! You can use our digital marketing services which include auditing, online campaigns, strategies, implementation, and automated processes, all accompanied by a strategic approach and, of course, transparency in everything we do. 

We are among the digital marketing agencies that use advanced techniques and innovative methods to achieve the desired results for our clients. Among the factors that help us stand out from other online marketing agencies is the creation of long-lasting professional relationships, with collaborations that exceed 10 years. This success helps us highlight the achievement of digital marketing objectives, serving as a guarantee of the services and results obtained.

What is the workflow in our online marketing agency? 

First of all, from the moment you express interest in the online marketing services of the agency, you will connect with a consultant. He will present you the opportunities, where you stand in the market, and where you can reach, in line with the needs of your business and the competition in your niche. At this point, we will begin to understand your business, its specifics, the challenges you’ve faced on the path to achieving your set objectives, the reasons you sought our online promotion services, and your expectations from us. 

Next, the specialists assigned to your project will design strategies tailored to your business specifics and the challenges you face. Together, we will finalize a plan to enhance the performance of your business. Implementing these strategies is the step that will bring you closer to #limitless results. Measuring performance is equally crucial for adjusting the strategy and calibrating processes in the online advertising campaign. 

We firmly believe that effective communication is the foundation of long-term collaborations, being one of the pillars on which we built our success. Also, thorough research helps us determine the right strategies for your specific issue and the steps we need to take to outperform the competition. We pride ourselves on offering customized service packages for each client, based on market position, past performances, and future targets. Alongside transparent communication, we will measure the results of each step from the initial plan and periodically inform you about them and how we can optimize them to consistently enhance the performance brought by the digital marketing strategy. 

Our workflow is based on measuring, growing, and achieving a positive ROI. Many clients we’ve worked with over time have noticed the effect of our dedication right from the first few weeks, also due to the omnichannel online promotion we recommend when necessary. Another crucial aspect that helps us identify the right online promotion strategies for each business is creating and optimizing promotional campaigns around customers and the point in their customer journey

You surely want significant and lasting growth for your business. We advocate for a long-term approach and the right strategies to support sustainable growth. Significant performances can only be achieved by understanding digital marketing trends, and consumer behavior, and implementing smart strategies that consider the most crucial factors. 

Professional Digital Marketing Services – How can we support your business on the path to success? 

We have managed to optimize the service package we offer so that it is suitable for both large businesses and small ones or those just starting, regardless of the niche they operate in or the needs they have for online promotion. 

Among the main digital marketing services you can benefit from when partnering with Limitless Agency include: 

  • Building a customized online marketing strategy based on the current needs of your business, and adjusting it as we achieve the initially set targets; 
  • Strengthening the brand identity in the digital environment and building trust with customers or potential customers in the services/products you offer; 
  • Increasing website traffic through paid campaigns (Google Ads & Youtube Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads) – campaigns are tailored based on the chosen channel and the users you want to attract to your site; 
  • Boosting organic traffic on the site through the implementation of SEO campaigns
  • Achieving higher positions in Google results; 
  • Evaluating and optimizing site content to increase the conversion rate, and improve its position among organic results; 
  • Creating Content Marketing strategies and writing SEO-optimized articles on topics of interest to your business; 
  • Developing Native Advertising strategies and publishing articles on the most suitable sources; 
  • Support and maintenance for the site, based on your needs; 
  • Providing technical recommendations for the site, so it aligns with Google’s requirements for a better ranking in SERP; 
  • Conducting customized training sessions for you and your team if you wish for the internal implementation of recommendations or the creation of various materials for the site; 
  • Periodic consultancy on everything related to the digital marketing environment, from Marketing Strategy to Performance Max campaigns, SEO, and innovative online promotion methods in your niche; 
  • Periodic reporting (weekly or monthly) depending on the implemented campaigns and their specifics.

Top 11 Reasons to Choose Our Online Marketing Agency Services

#1. Expertise 

With over 10 years of experience in online promotion and specialists in every department of our digital marketing agency, our passion for high-performance results guides us toward implementing increasingly profitable strategies for our clients. 

Limitless Agency’s team holds Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications and has both theoretical and (more importantly!) practical training in the field of digital marketing and SEO in Romania. Every day, we test the latest techniques and tools to implement long-term successful strategies. We rely on yesterday’s experience, today’s information, and tomorrow’s trend to provide the best solutions to the challenges you’ve faced in promoting your e-commerce or service business. 

#2. We help you maximize your digital marketing services investment 

We understand the importance of your investment in business development and sales growth. Thus, we ensure that the budget allocated to online promotion campaigns is carefully managed to yield a positive ROI. 

#3. Periodic reporting 

By measuring campaign performances, we gain valuable insights into improvements. We regularly measure the campaigns we implement and track relevant KPIs. Then we produce comprehensive reports presenting statistics on visibility, traffic, and conversions. Whether it’s SEO or PPC campaigns, you’ll be updated on their performance. 

#4. Flexible communication 

Thanks to our expertise, we’ve realized that the best results can only be achieved through flawless communication between us and our clients. From the start, you’ll be in touch with an experienced Project Manager dedicated to your account, who will answer all your questions. Prompt responses, constant communication, and a full understanding of your business needs help us optimize time and improve deliverable quality. 

#5. Strategic approach 

Your business needs differ from others. Every business has its unique features, leading to the need for a tailored approach to online promotion. Using SMART objectives set before campaign commencement and analyzing existing data, we develop an online marketing plan to bring you more customers, sales, and profit. We won’t promise overnight results or outcomes we can’t achieve. 

#6. Complex campaigns 

The complexity of campaigns arises from the need to surpass what the competition is already implementing. Whether it’s PPC or SEO, we start by analyzing the market and competition to see where they stand and what we can do to get you ahead of them!

#7. Transparency 

We believe in transparent processes and communication. We’ll explain our chosen strategy and expected results at every step. Plus, you’ll have full administrative rights to your account to check campaign performance. 

#8. Teamwork 

We’ll never make decisions without consulting you first. We’ll share all our ideas for online promotion campaigns. We bring expertise, and you bring industry-specific know-how, leading to a mutual agreement on the best strategy. 

#9. Comprehensive service package 

Limitless Agency offers complete services for your business’s digital promotion. From Google Ads and Facebook Ads to SEO and TikTok Ads, from audit, research, and strategy to implementation and monitoring, our digital marketing specialists will outline a holistic approach to achieve every set goal. 

#10. Shopping Ads Automation 

Recently, we’ve invested over 200,000 EUR in, an automation tool for Google & Facebook Shopping campaigns, feed management, and creating smart feeds for shopping ads. It’s dedicated to online stores to maximize sales and profit from paid campaigns. 

#11. LIMITLESS results 

Our daily online marketing actions are guided by the motto „There’s always room for improvement!”. Although we focus on achieving set objectives, we aim to surpass them, grow consistently, and with our involvement, grow your business too! The digital marketing environment always has room for growth, so why not take advantage of it? 

Our clients’ results over the past 10 years, a diverse portfolio of projects from different fields, and a team of over 100 specialists position us in the top 3 digital marketing agencies in Romania. If you want a collaboration that offers you innovative promotion methods, comprehensive online promotion know-how, and a holistic digital marketing approach – contact us today, and let’s get to work!

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