We Use Innovative Machine Learning Technologies to Maximize Your PPC Campaign Results

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Machine Learning

We have heavily invested in Machine Learning in recent years to adapt to the rapid changes that occur daily in the online environment.

Shopping Ads Automation

In Google Shopping campaigns, we use automation to deliver the perfect products to your customers at the right time.

Feed Management

With the help of our tools, we categorize products and create SMART feeds to generate limitless results.

Our a solution for online stores that offers labelingfeed management, and smart product segmentation. Using our technology, online stores can efficiently promote their performance marketing campaigns based on internal data, resulting in increased revenue and reduced advertising costs. The solution connects via API to advertising and analysis accounts, so there’s no need for a custom implementation that requires time.

Results after 30-60 days:

  • An increase in the conversion rate by up to 33%
  • A reduction in advertising costs by at least 20%
  • An increase in ROI for campaigns by up to 30%


Campaign Types
Performance Max

Performance Max is a new objective-based campaign type that includes all Google Ads campaign types, namely Shopping, Search, Display, and YouTube.

Search Ads

Search Network campaigns are text ads that appear on the results page when users search for the products or services you offer on Google.

Display Ads

Display Network campaigns are image ads that appear on websites and apps, providing an excellent way to expand the reach of search network campaigns.

Youtube Ads

Reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube, and you only pay when users view or click on the ads.

Discovery & Local Ads

Discovery campaigns allow advertisers to provide personalized advertising experiences to people who are ready to discover and engage with your brand.

App Ads

App campaigns make it easy to promote apps across Google through Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover, and the Google Display Network.

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Google Ads Campaigns help you reach the top of your ideal customers’ preferences

68% of Online Experiences Begin with a Search Engine

PPC promotion services through Google Ads support you in your mission to generate quality traffic to your site, increase sales or obtain leads, and connect with users who can become loyal customers of your business. How does this work? Well, we will create online advertising ads for you to reach your ideal customers just when they show interest in the services or products you offer, right when they have a problem that you can help solve.

What is Google Ads? 

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform and it is a part of the PPC (or Pay-per-Click) marketing channel. These paid campaigns help you connect with your target audience, choose the right solutions for your promotional needs, and deliver relevant, valuable ads that provide potential customers with the answers they need.

What are the objectives of a Google Ads campaign implemented by Limitless Agency? 

Quality traffic to the site – You certainly want more site visits, but you should aim for quality, relevant traffic. Properly implemented Google Ads campaigns help you do this! 

Conversion rate – You surely know that not all clicks turn into transactions. A high conversion rate will increase your site sales with the same traffic that the ad campaigns generate. Qualified and relevant traffic has a higher conversion rate. 

Sales – The most common objective for PPC in marketing, and Google Ads campaigns are perfect for increasing sales – both short-term and long-term, depending on your business’s current needs. 

Potential customers – Generating leads can become difficult for some businesses. However, Google Ads offers several promotional campaign types that are perfect for this objective. 

Positive ROI – A Google Ads agency is always oriented towards obtaining the best possible ROI for its clients. We aim to bring you the best results from paid advertising, with a properly optimized budget. 

Brand awareness – Increasing brand awareness is an important objective, especially for the long-term health of your business, and can be achieved through Google Ads. 

Store visits – If your business also has physical locations, with PPC promotion we can together increase the number of people visiting your store.  

Trust – Trust in the brand and the products or services offered is built over time, but can be shattered in just a few days if you’re not careful. Although it’s normal for trust levels to fluctuate, campaigns implemented by pay-per-click agencies through Google Ads can stabilize things.

Why Google Ads?
Google – Most used

Google is the most used search engine by people worldwide, with over 5 billion search queries every day.


It’s fast, efficient, measurable, with a controllable and reasonable budget. Once started, campaigns quickly bring relevant traffic that turns into customers.


Targeting allows you to display ads to reach people with specific interests, namely people interested in your products and services.

Increased revenue

Paid ads on Google receive a large number of clicks because they are displayed at the top of the page. Relevant searches will quickly turn into sales.


Through Google Ads campaigns, you can easily scale your business by expanding campaign types, keywords, ads, or targets, while keeping the focus on objectives.


Google Ads gives you control over how you spend money and the amounts invested. You only pay when someone clicks on the ads.



We handle the audit of your Google Ads account to identify campaign issues. The audit is conducted by one of our specialists.



We help you set SMART objectives and will adapt the strategy, campaigns, and ads based on the results you want.



We conduct a detailed analysis process of niche, competition, and keyword research and identify key phrases that bring sales to your site.



Using clear criteria to filter the audience, we will display ads to people interested in your products or services at the right time.



We will display your ads when users search for the products or services you offer, and then you can count your revenue.



We continuously monitor campaign results to optimize their efficiency, ensuring we invest the budget for a high ROI.



We will constantly provide you with comprehensive data about campaigns and their performance, keeping you updated regarding the results.

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What is PPC?
PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is the term used by Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms when you want to buy traffic relevant to your business. Through an auction system, you will pay a small amount per click to bring new users to the site.
Why is PPC important?
PPC is an integral part of the marketing mix and is the fastest and safest way to bring relevant and highly targeted traffic to your business. For example, in Romania, it is the channel that brings the most traffic to the website.
How does PPC work?
PPC works in an auction system. Both you and your competition will bid an amount for each keyword you have in your Google Ads campaigns. Depending on the bid budget and how relevant your landing pages are, the costs per click will decrease.
How long does it take to see results?
In the case of paid campaigns results are seen quickly. Campaigns are live in Google Search within 24 hours. They will start bringing relevant traffic to your business right from the start.
What other types of services do we offer?
In addition to Google Ads, we offer SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Huawei Ads, Web Design, and marketing consulting.
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What do we excel at in the agency when it comes to PPC campaigns and promotion through Google Ads?

Over the past few years, we’ve invested a lot in technology. We have noticed that to deliver the best results to our clients, besides having well-trained specialists, we need software that helps us make real-time decisions and answer a pressing e-commerce challenge – what’s selling today?

We have observed that in online stores, both in Romania and beyond, thousands or even tens of thousands of new products are added daily because it’s easy to do so. However, among all those products, which ones drive the most purchases, and which should be prioritized for promotion through PPC and Google Ads?

Our answer to this challenge comes with automation made through Truda, developed within our agency. We have real-time information from the product feed and sales statistics. Thus, if you choose to collaborate with us, we will have the opportunity to apply our techniques based on complex analysis and algorithms and help you smartly increase your sales. We will know what products you have in stock, which ones are trending up or down, and which top-selling products should be prioritized in pay-per-click campaigns.

While technology greatly assists us, we also have a robust strategy and experienced specialists, and this way we manage to achieve #limitless results.

What types of campaigns are available in Google Ads or what PPC services can you access?

Google Ads offers several campaign types to promote our clients. Each campaign is more suitable for a particular objective, and depending on your business’s specifics and current priorities, we can choose the best method to deliver your desired results at the best ROI.

Performance Max – Google’s all-in-one campaign 

This PPC campaign type leverages artificial intelligence to more efficiently manage targeting, budgeting, and ad display across all Google platforms. Operating with AI, its goal is to deliver higher performance and more sales, all calculated to optimize the advertising budget on Google.

Google Search – the OG or the campaign type that can be applied to achieve numerous targets 

Google Search ads remain a favorite among many specialists because they have a significant advantage – the ads are displayed where users first look for a solution to their problems – the search engine. These PPC ads can be smartly configured, and with precise targeting and a compelling call to action, they can help you achieve your goals. They can be used in various situations:

  • When you want to generate online, app, phone, or even in-store sales and conversions.
  • When you want to engage with customers you have already interacted with and who are close to making a purchase decision.
  • When you want to encourage relevant customers to sign up for a newsletter or provide their contact information.

Google Shopping Ads – the PPC campaigns perfect for promoting products or product lines 

Shopping Ads are recommended when promoting pay-per-click products or product lines, whether they’re new or not. These campaigns are run through Google Merchant Center, where we input specific information about each product. From there, Google extracts the essentials and forms the shopping ads displayed in search results.

Unlike other campaign types, for Google Shopping Ads, product images must be of high quality, highlighting product features, and helping you stand out from competitors. We work with SMART product feed automation to run these Google Ads campaigns.

Google Remarketing & Dynamic Remarketing – a necessary reminder to make a purchase decision 

The primary goal of these Google Ads campaigns is to provide a way to re-engage with users who have shown interest in your products or services but haven’t made a final decision or conversion. This promotion method, when thoughtfully implemented, promotes the purchase decision, offering users the final push they need to decide and place an order.

Dynamic Remarketing allows us to display information that contains products or services that have previously aroused the curiosity of visitors to the site. We will create messages tailored to your audience, to help you convert those visitors into customers who complete a purchase, and buy those products that they show interest in. 

In addition, other objectives that can be achieved with the help of Google Remarketing are:

  • You can increase brand awareness and brand searches;
  • Increase the rate of returning visitors to the site;
  • Increased engagement.

Google Display Network – your Google Ads promotions are displayed in the right place at the right time 

Banners displayed through GDN can be static or interactive and come in various sizes. This PPC promotion type offers several advantages, such as choosing the geographical location and time frame for the ad display. It also provides increased exposure for your brand to the right audience, attracts more customers, and enhances the effectiveness of remarketing.

We set up the campaign and the ads, and Google’s algorithm will show them to those people who enter the target, on the sites they are on at a given moment. PPC with the help of the Google Display Network is a safe, effective, and profitable method of promotion that we recommend to our clients when they want to strengthen their image and increase the visibility of their business.

Gmail Ads – a lesser-used method that can round out the results of promotion campaigns of the site through Google Ads 

With over a billion Gmail users, this number motivates the use of this campaign type. Ads are displayed only to those who have already shown interest in the products and services you offer, targeting ideal potential customers.

Gmail Ads can be focused on sales, leads, traffic, or branding, being therefore suitable for several possible goals that your business may have.

Since users have to click on the ad to see the whole ad, we will have more data about the number of people who saw your ad and their reactions to it. Campaigns of this type are set based on keywords and can be dynamic, and the algorithm is based on the last 300 emails a person has received. If the information in them matches the criteria we set for targeting, the ad is eligible to show. The frequency with which the ad is shown is influenced by several factors, such as the overall health of the account, the CPC amounts, and, of course, the allocated budget.

One last major benefit worth mentioning here is that these ads implemented by a PPC agency are mobile-friendly and allow us to capture the attention of users by using a mix of media elements (images) + text.

YouTube Ads – videos might be the best PPC promotion method for some businesses 

We believe that YouTube ads are necessary if your objectives include increasing site traffic and brand awareness. The right keywords will help us place the ad in front of a video, capturing users’ attention.

These PPC ads bring several advantages, among which the following are worth mentioning:

  • Increasing credibility and reputation in the eyes of users;
  • Ability to track content performance and optimize it accordingly;
  • Chances of gaining popularity among members of the target audience;
  • Increasing the chances of getting quality traffic;
  • Increasing the degree of awareness of the promoted product/service.

However, YouTube Ad campaigns must be implemented carefully, to avoid the possibility of users feeling stuck by the advertisements made, which could turn them away (perhaps forever) from the brand. Our agency is a Google partner, and when it comes to promoting Google Ads in Romania, we pride ourselves on exceptional results.

Google Ads campaigns are a must for (almost!) all businesses and we recommend them to our clients when they can help meet business goals or round off the promotion strategy, along with SEO or Facebook Ads campaigns. Formerly known as Google Adwords, Google Ads campaigns can help you if you want more sales, more leads, a higher degree of brand awareness, and quality website traffic for your business – contact us for Google Ads services, and let’s achieve #limitless results together!