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Due to its rising popularity, it’s an excellent platform for brand promotion. Through ads, you can quickly increase visibility and engagement.


TikTok offers a variety of targeting options, allowing advertisers to reach the desired audience with the right message based on specific criteria of the target audience.


TikTok ads can be more cost-effective compared to other platforms. Businesses can optimize advertising expenses and achieve significant results in a short time.


TikTok is a platform that has become increasingly popular and is being preferred by younger users. It’s the ideal place to promote your brand and collaborate with top creators to reach a larger audience.


If you are not using TikTok in your marketing mix, you are missing an opportunity to reach a large and active audience. On TikTok, users are looking for new and interesting content. In US, there are over 150M active users.


If you want to quickly grow your brand presence without paying for advertising, TikTok is the perfect choice. This platform offers maximum organic coverage, where you can quickly reach a larger audience.


TikTok has developed its own advertising system, which is efficient for all types of businesses. With this system, we can customize ads based on audience, location, interests, and much more.


TikTok Ads Manager allows audience segmentation based on criteria such as location, age, interests, device type, and behavior. This allows targeting a very specific audience for better results.


If you want to generate sales for an online store or leads, TikTok is an excellent platform to achieve conversion goals. With the help of Limitless experts, you can achieve more conversions.

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TikTok has 1 Billion Active Monthly Users Globally

Video Creativity Can Maximize Your ROI Through TikTok Campaigns

How a promotion campaign on TikTok can bring your clients’ attention?

TikTok platform has 1 billion active monthly users globally, with the app’s popularity becoming increasingly evident in US. Video creativity can take your business to the heights of success, all you need to do is to resort to the services of an agency that offers promotion through TikTok Ads!

Being an app with so many users, the chances that members of your target audience to be here are very high. Of course, taking into account the characteristics of the audience, the type of content it prefers, and what would be suitable for the specifics of your business, we will together make the best decisions to create promotion campaigns on TikTok that will bring you #limitless results!

Why Tik Tok Ads?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms among young people, allowing brands to target that demographic and communicate with them.


With its unique format, TikTok enables brands to create intriguing and appealing video advertisements that easily capture attention on the platform.

Cost-Effective Ads

Companies can optimize their advertising expenditures through customizable ad formats and audience targeting options.


The platform provides detailed analytics tools, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and make adjustments based on their results.


Utilizing interactive features like polls or quizzes, brands can encourage users to share ads and create viral content.

Brand awareness

TikTok is an opportunity for brands to create captivating content that grabs users’ attention and enhances brand recognition.



We handle the audit of your TikTok Ads account to identify issues in campaigns. The audit is performed by one of our specialists.



We help you set SMART objectives and will adapt the strategy, campaigns, and ads according to the results you desire.



We conduct a detailed analysis process of niche, audience, and content and identify your target to create the ads strategy.



Using clear criteria to filter the audience, we will display the ads to individuals interested in your products or services, at the right time.



We will display your ads when users are searching for the products or services you offer, and then you can count your revenue.



We constantly monitor the results of campaigns to optimize their efficiency, so that we invest the budget for a high ROI.



We will constantly provide you with complete data about campaigns and their performance and keep you updated regarding the results.

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What is TikTok?
If you wish to focus on new audiences, TikTok is the perfect place to do so. It’s the fastest-growing social media platform, with over 1 billion active monthly users globally, so you should not overlook this marketing channel.
How do TikTok Ads work?
TikTok Ads operates through TikTok Ads Manager, an online platform that allows you to create, run, and manage advertising campaigns. TikTok Ads Manager offers targeting options like location, interest, age, device type, behavior, and interactions, so you can reach a specific audience. TikTok Ads Manager enables you to set and track advertising objectives, such as video views, ad interactions, and in-app purchases.
What is the minimum budget for a campaign?
The minimum budget for a campaign is $50 per day ($20 per day for the ad group). However, you can invest much more to get more impressions, traffic, and conversions.
How can I measure the success of my campaigns?
You can measure the success of your TikTok Ads campaign through TikTok Ads Manager, which provides you with detailed reports on campaign performance. Reports include metrics like video views, click-through rates, cost per action, and ROI.
How can I target a specific audience on TikTok?
The TikTok Ads Manager platform allows you to target very specific audiences based on the following criteria: location, interests, age, device type, behavior, and interactions.
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Why choose to promote your business (also) through TikTok Ads? 

Besides Facebook Ads, PPC strategies, or SEO campaigns, increasingly more businesses are leaning towards promotion through TikTok Ads, and the reasons for you to integrate advertising on this platform in your marketing mix are numerous. However, among the benefits we consider the most important are:

  • You can incorporate organic content in your advertising campaigns – TikTok has accelerated the trend towards more native creativity in video advertising on social media platforms. 
  • TikTok offers you an audience that other platforms don’t have – numerous people only use TikTok, not being active on other social networks and more and more users spend most of their time on TikTok, almost completely ignoring other social networks. 
  • Exposure to TikTok will help increase your chances of attracting potential customers and increasing brand awareness. 
  • TikTok Ads offer brands the chance to tell their story in an easy, yet appealing way for the audience. Businesses can build their brand personality on this platform, and through promotion campaigns, the videos posted can become viral! 
  • A unique experience to be able to create shorter or longer videos, to adjust them, to customize the sound, and to apply all sorts of effects and filters – the possibility of having viral videos just by using a certain popular sound or an effect used by many users. 
  • TikTok emphasizes the feedback received from users, and when certain trends are to their liking, the platform introduces new editing functions and effects to allow them to create similar content more easily. If the feedback received is negative, TikTok will adjust the content offered based on each user’s preferences. 

How can TikTok campaigns help you reach your marketing targets? 

TikTok has introduced functions that allow advertisers who implement promotion campaigns to monitor the effectiveness of the ads more closely. Measuring the results is essential for justifying marketing investments and also for optimizing the strategy for future campaigns. Only with careful measurement of what works and what needs improvement can increasingly better results be obtained. Limitless Agency regularly offers a performance report where the clients we collaborate with can see the results obtained from the implemented campaigns and can learn about the strategies through which we aim to improve these promotion results.

TikTok advertising agencies have access to a set of tools that help them interact with creators and boost that content through paid media, such as Spark Ads, TikTok Creator Marketplace, TikTok Creative Exchange, and Branded Mission.

For example, Branded Mission allows us to collect authentic content from various platform creators and to transform the captivating and relevant videos, which have already garnered the attention of several users, into ads that bring an excellent ROI. Additionally, Branded Mission offers us the opportunity to discover various creators on TikTok and to involve the already formed community in all sorts of brand initiatives, while at the same time preserving the unique voice of each content creator, something which contributed to their success on the platform.

Furthermore, TikTok launched Interactive Add-Ons, a function through which we can add interactive elements to the promotion ads created for you, such as polls. These interactive elements contribute to increasing the engagement rate, facilitating the audience’s involvement in the brand’s story. For a trustful relationship between potential customers and the brand, they should interact as much as possible with your business, both through TikTok Ads and on other social media platforms. Repeated interactions contribute to increasing the level of trust, but also to a more careful discovery of the variety of products or services you offer.

TikTok has concluded a partnership with a location data provider, Foursquare, for better visibility on the influence regarding real traffic and to allow advertisers to correlate the views of promotion campaigns with visits to physical stores. We can add primary cookies to TikTok’s conversion pixel on your website and obtain valuable data for retargeting and measuring the results of the implemented campaigns.

Moreover, through a partnership with Kantar concluded by TikTok, we can conduct brand studies and sales growth studies, which contribute to a deeper understanding of the impact of promotion campaigns on the consumption behaviors of users. We also mention that TikTok has partnerships with leading media mix modeling companies in the industry: Analytic Partners, Nielsen, Ekimetrics, Neustar, and IRI.

Tik Tok Ads and the objectives of the campaigns implemented by our agency

Through TikTok campaigns and promotion strategies that we plan for our clients, we aim to achieve certain objectives, chosen based on the current needs of the clients and the sales targets set for a specific period. The objectives of TikTok ads include:

Increasing brand awareness – For long-term sales and leads, the target audience needs to be aware that your business exists, they need to know what products and services you are marketing and be aware that they represent an option they can choose. Through promotion via TikTok Ads, the level of brand awareness can be increased, especially if we manage to obtain viral videos together, with many views, that create discussions around the business.

Building trust in the brand – Along with the increased level of brand awareness, we need to also raise the level of trust in the brand. By providing information about your products or services, through real testimonials and other relevant videos suitable for your business, we can help potential customers gain trust in the brand, understanding better why it’s worth purchasing from your online store. 

Increasing website traffic – Through promotion campaigns on TikTok, we can get more traffic to the site, we can send users to the site to discover the full range of products or services, place an order, etc. However, it is essential that when users come from TikTok to the site, they are greeted by a user-friendly web page, properly optimized, easy to navigate, etc.

Targeting potential customers – Through the targeting options provided, and also the way the TikTok algorithm works, the implemented ads will be displayed to those users who have the highest chances of becoming customers, those for whom your business might be of real interest. It’s important that targeting be as accurate as possible to avoid wasting the TikTok Ads promotion budget on views that won’t bring results.             

Educating the target audience – Besides entertainment, users access TikTok to receive information from areas of interest to them. Therefore, regardless of the niche you operate in, you can certainly contribute to educating the target audience, you can offer interesting information, tips & tricks on how to better use a product, how to take full advantage of a particular service, etc. – the promotion options on TikTok are almost unlimited as long as creativity is present!

Video views – A high number of views will push our videos in front of more users and will also contribute to increasing trust in the brand. TikTok accounts that have constant activity, numerous views on posts, as well as likes or comments, are seen better by users and they are more likely to interact with the posted content in turn.

Increasing the number of conversions – Campaigns on TikTok implemented following a solid promotion strategy can bring you more conversions, regardless of the specifics of your business. All we have to do is make sure we address the right audience and offer them the type of content that meets the set objectives.

Lead generation – If you want more leads for your business, TikTok Ads represent an increasingly popular way to obtain them. We will ensure that we optimize the content of promotion campaigns for this marketing target and you will be able to enjoy numerous new leads! 

Increasing sales – If leads are not what you are looking for, but you want a higher number of sales, promotion campaigns on TikTok can help! We can use the visual nature of the platform to promote products for which the aesthetic part matters a lot, we can use the educational character of the platform to provide information to the public for products that require a lot of research before purchase, etc. – whatever the specifics of the products you market, on Tik Tok we can find a way to promote them so that they sell better.

App installations – If you have launched a new app that you want to promote and convince members of the target audience to install on their phones, we will plan TikTok Ads campaigns for you to achieve this objective. It’s important to offer them well-founded reasons why they should use your app, what they can gain if they install it, etc.

Types of TikTok Ads that we can implement for your business

Like other social media platforms, TikTok provides marketing specialists with several types of ads that we can use when it comes to planning a robust promotion plan:

TikTok In-Feed Ads: These are video ads that appear when a user looks at TikToks on the For You page. As for the ads, they have the same characteristics as normal videos in the feed – they can receive likes, comments, etc. An advantage of these video ads when it comes to designing a promotion strategy is that we can include a call-to-action, and we can encourage users to interact with the business directly from the TikTok app. We can put our creativity to work and design ads that catch the users’ attention, as we have only a few seconds available to do this. Generally, it is recommended that videos last between 9 and 15 seconds, depending on the approach and chosen subject.

TikTok Brand Takeover Ads: Brand takeover ads appear when a user opens TikTok and shows a full-screen video. These ads effectively create brand awareness and can lead to increased sales. TikTok Brand Takeover Ads can appear in several forms and can have a link set to a landing page. Also, as part of the TikTok promotion strategy, we can create various media elements that help increase the level of brand awareness. The app ensures that users receive this type of ad only once a day.

TikTok TopView Ads: These ads are similar to TikTok Brand Takeover Ads, and their purpose is brand exposure. However, they are placed at the beginning of the For You page, presenting an auto-play video. We can include a call-to-action in the ad and make it as attractive as possible for the audience, providing interesting information or amusing content, which helps in ticking off the promotion campaign objectives.

TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads: Represent an excellent way to encourage user-generated content and increase the level of brand awareness. This form of advertising on TikTok results in a higher engagement rate compared to others and offers numerous promotion options for brands. When a user accesses a sponsored hashtag, they will be sent to a landing page on TikTok with the brand’s logo or a link to your website. For these ads to help us in promotion, we need to have an objective in mind to know how to build the TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge. Are we announcing the launch of a new product? Do we want to generate new customers? What do we want to obtain from these TikTok Ads promotion campaigns?

TikTok Branded Effects Ads: Branded effects on TikTok allow us to create promotion ads with a custom filter and represent a perfect way to encourage users to interact with the brand, in a native way with the app they are on. We can create stickers, filters, and special effects for promotion on TikTok, having the advantage of being attractive to users, prompting them to use it, and thus reach as many people as possible.

Promotion on TikTok is becoming increasingly popular for companies across all sectors

Although it can’t boast a position in the top three most active social media platforms in the world, TikTok ranks sixth. However, it’s worth mentioning that the platform has experienced a rapid rise in this ranking, becoming so popular in a short time (compared to the popularization period of other social media platforms). Of course, we expect TikTok to continue growing and have more and more users, bringing new promotional opportunities for businesses!

To provide further proof of TikTok’s success, as well as the numerous businesses advertising here, the monthly revenue of the TikTok App has been steadily increasing. For instance, in June 2021, TikTok generated revenue of nearly 53 thousand dollars, and by October 2021, it peaked at over 392 thousand dollars.

TikTok platform offers us ideal targeting options, relevant content creation, and bidding so that our agency specialists can help you reach your target audience through well-thought-out promotion strategies and accumulated know-how. For example, through TikTok Pulse, we can ensure that our promotional videos will be displayed among the top 4% of videos on the For You page, giving us better chances of obtaining conversions. Additionally, we can also utilize targeting based on behavior, demographic data, used devices, and interests manifested on the platform.

Promotion on TikTok is beginning to be increasingly sought after also in US, and if you want to be a step ahead of the competition, contact us for a collaboration that will bring you #limitless results!